A total of over 65 rivers flow freely through Myanmar, all playing an essential part of everyday Burmese life. One of the most striking is undeniably the Chindwin River, flowing from the northwestern border with India 1,200 km south until expelling into the grand Ayeyarwady. The Chindwin is an untouched natural paradise of sceneries and life which has scarcely changed over centuries. Teak forests, vivid-green mountains, hidden pagodas and little hamlets dot the shorelines. Locals discover amber and jade, while remote ethnic tribes practice their longstanding rituals and ways of life.

This long river expedition of 11-Nights named “Exotic Chindwin” to the remote Naga regions in the northwest of Myanmar promises a peaceful and adventurous journey showcasing pristine parts of the country. A truly unique and incredible journey is about to begin!

The unspoiled and untamed Chindwin River is rarely known to the world and beholds a myriad of hidden treasures. The Heritage Line expedition cruise savours the merits of a slow, off-the-beaten-path river journey without missing the lavish amenities offered aboard the ultra-luxe Anawrahta.

Departing from Mandalay, the cruise enters the Chindwin and meanders its way upstream. Along the way, stunning natural backdrops and ancient pagodas pass by and local life brims with bottomless charm. The journey climaxes at Homalin, where the fascinating Naga tribe, vested in old-traditional tribal clothing, welcomes our guests to an exclusive ceremony unseen in other parts of the country.

HERITAGE CRUISE LINES – Is our preferred Asia river cruise option, being locally owned and operated featuring a selection of cruise options on the AYEYARWADY (Irrawaddy) river in Myanmar aboard the Anawrahta.

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11 night Exotic Chindwin Cruise

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