Altering your travel arrangements –

To all our valued clients of both The Travellers Hut and Destination Journeys, world travel restrictions are changing rapidly and as a result we are receiving ever changing information regarding where you can travel, cancellations, refunds, amendments and the re-booking processes we need to follow.
Under these circumstances, having to cancel or amend your holiday will take us some time to work with you to ensure we are able to provide the best out come during this period.  We are endeavouring to resolve each change as it occurs and focusing on those traveling in the coming days and weeks as a priority.
We recommend that you do not decide to change or cancel your plans too early before the airlines, cruise companies or wholesalers have a chance to adjust or relax their rules and conditions which could ultimately benefit you in the long run.
Everything is constantly changing, what is a rule one day maybe relaxed or changed tomorrow.
At the moment, to comply with government regulations we are working from home and hope to be back in The Travellers Hut office as soon as possible.
Let’s hope this situation comes to an end sooner than later
The Travellers Hut and Destination Journeys

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