Rajasthan – Beneath the hidden veil GOLD class 2019 FULLY ESCORTED


Rajasthan – Beneath the hidden veil 2019      

Fully escorted –  Local Indian guide  – 18 nights in India – Maximum 12 travellers – NOW SOLD OUT FOR 2019.

We lift the veil of Rajasthan on our journey to India in October 2019 featuring more rural stays as we go beyond the normal tourist trail and discover the real Rajasthan.

Our journey will begin in Delhi at The Claridges Hotel allowing us to explore Delhi and become accustomed to India. After we have had time to explore the best Delhi has to offer we travel South to Chambal for a unique stay at a wildlife resort in the small village of Holipura on the Yamuna river. Following on from our “nature break” the Taj Mahal in Agra will be waiting to display it’s majesty during our stay. Currently it is undergoing an extensive cleaning program and will be at it’s best for our visit. We then travel for a two night stay and the amazing Samode Palace (see video) in the charming village of Samode with it’s narrow streets and we also visit with the locals and the surrounding farm lands.

Taj Mahal India
Samode Palace

The Amer fort and “pink city” of Jaipur is next on our agenda. Rather than stay in the middle of the city we have elected to say in a family Bagh on the outskirts of Jaipur. Our family hosts will give us an Indian cooking demonstration which will them form our dinner. The next day we will explore Jaipur and in the evening visit the nearby Dera Amer Elephant reserve for some time with the elephants, maybe give them a wash down if you like, followed by our dinner. As our time in India continues we journey further along the backroads into the farm lands of Rajasthan with a stay deep in the country at Fort Barli, where we visit the village uncovering true Indian rural life.

Chhatra Sagar - Bird's eye view2
Chhatrasaga Tented Camp

Our next highlight will be a stay at the sensational Chhatrasagar Camp in a luxury tented Camp atop a dam wall and in the evening and morning we will hear the chatter of birdlife the many species of birds fly in to drink at the dam. Our meals in camp will be superb as they rely on local produce. We will then be fully immersed in the middle of Jodhpur. If there is a city in India where we need to be right in the heart of the hustle and bustle it is here, staying at the RAAS hotel Jodhpur (See Video). The centre of this frenetic city is right outside our hotel gates and with the back drop of the Meharangah Fort our stay in the “blue city” will be memorable.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 9.53.49 pm
RAAS Jodhpur

The farm lands and villages again await as we head to the small village of Chanoud and stay in the family fort home of the head of the village. During our time in Chanoud it will also be ‘Diwali”, the festival of the light. We will be guests of the family as they prepare the celebrations for the entire village. They normally do not allow groups however as our numbers will be small they have graciously allowed us to stay and join in the preparation and celebrations. It is shaping up to be a truly unique experience.

Our next stay is in the small village of Narlai with our highlight, among many of the sensational  dinners on our journey,  a short cart ride to a near by stepwell for a candle lit dinner.  Our drive the next day takes us for a visit to a Jain Temple and lunch at a exclusive hidden resort in a picturesque valley amongst the Aravelli hills. ‘The Best Exotic Marigold hotel’ awaits… Just as the guests experienced in the movies, expect ‘rustic’ for the night as we re live the ambiance of the movie during our stay.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 9.57.15 pm
Rawla Narlai Stepwell Dinner

Our finale will be our visit to the “Venice of India” Udaipur, the city on the lake. We will cruise on the lake to take best advantage of the evening light and sunset and the next day  see the views over the lake and city as we explore the City Palace. Furthing our quest to experience more and stay in villages as much as possible, we have opted to finish our time in India, not in the city of Udaipur, but in the nearby village of Delwara staying at the beautiful RASS Devigarh Fort. (See Video). Our journey of Rajasthan India will conclude with our flight back to Delhi.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 10.11.59 pm
RAAS Fort Devigarh

We are pleased to officially release our 2019 journey, however due to overwhelming                pre-release demand we only have 2 places left !

For more details and a day to day journey itinerary highlighting our inclusions and excursions, contact your tour escort Glenn at The Travellers Hut on 43 63 1699.


Departs from Delhi 14 October 2019 – Returns to Dehli 1 November 2019


New Deli The Claridges –  Jerar Bah Chambal safari lodge – Agra Double Tree by Hilton Samode Samode Palace – Jaipur Khas Bagh – Ajmer Fort Barli – Chhatrasagar Chhatrasagar tented Camp – Jodhpur RAAS Jodhpur – Chanoud Chanoud Garh – Narlai Rawla Narlai –  ‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ – Delwara – RAAS Devigarh  

While we do have one long driving day during our journey most of our drives between our villages and cities are around 2 hours give or take, owing to traffic holdups or more likely livestock being herded along the road !!

All touring and entry fees, guide and gratuities*, flight from Udaipur to Delhi all  breakfasts, most dinners and some lunches are included.

(*gratuities included except for our Indian tour guide, we believe tipping our guide is personal between each traveller and our guide to be able to show your appreciation)

 For further details ask for a copy of our journey itinerary and inclusions.

Journey cost: $ 10,658 per person twin share

As we are in the era of dynamic Airfares we will add the cost of your flights based on availability when they become available or at the time you make your booking.
Whilst Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are my passions, India takes my breath away… Glenn.

At Destination Journeys we book your holiday for you. For further details and information, call us or complete the information below and we will get back to you.

We hope you enjoy our personal service and over 30 years of travel experience.

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